Why great Christmas marketing isn't that complicated

Why great Christmas marketing isn't that complicated

Last year, I wrote a blog post for MamaDisrupt magazine that featured this image from Tiffany & Co.  The post was about how mothers could create their own glamorous Christmas in amongst the craziness of toddlers and the weight of the preparations that generally fall to women at this time of year.

But there was a much more interesting blog post that I didn’t write.

The one about how Tiffany & Co managed to imbue their brand with so much meaning that not only do lovers aspire to become engaged with their diamonds but mothers aim to mimic their vision of Christmas.

Source Credit: Tiffany & Co holiday campaign 2010

Source Credit: Tiffany & Co holiday campaign 2010

Christmas is one of the most magical times in our calendar.  It is also one of the busiest- and the noisiest.  One quarter of all marketing emails are sent in the lead up to Christmas, and the volume of content across all communication channels explodes.

So how to be heard?

I would highly recommend taking a leaf from Tiffany and Co.  Occasionally at Christmas time, I will pop into a Tiffany’s store.  I have a soft spot for their luggage tags and often gift them to my young relatives embarking on their first solo trip overseas.

Tiffany’s at Christmas is an interesting experience...  Often the customers are 3 deep at the counters, the wait is long, and although the box is blue, the token is easily imitable.

And yet the magic remains.  Year after year, Christmas after Christmas, a core consumer base puts Tiffany & Co jewellery and products at the top of their list.

There is no great secret to Tiffany’s success.  With time and patience and steely focus, you too can do the same for your brand.

Tiffany and Co understands 2 key marketing principles:

1.  It is not what you make but what you make happen

2.  Your customer is the hero


Source Credit: Tiffany & Co campaign

Source Credit: Tiffany & Co campaign

It is not what you make but what you make happen

Tiffany & Co understand that they are not in the business of jewellery, they are in the business of love (and glamour).  

Their marketing communications focus on the stories that their jewellery enable: lovers becoming engaged, daughters showing their love for their mothers on Mother’s Day, couples sharing a romantic moment in a café.  Their brand magic remains year after year because they focus relentlessly on the magic at the heart of what they make happen.

Your customer is the hero

Tiffany & Co go one step further.  And it is this second step that I see businesses forget time and time again. 

Tiffany & Co understand that the story they are telling, is their customer’s story.  At Christmas, Tiffany’s ads tell a story about love and glamour that is rooted in the desire for connection that is oh so strong during the festive season. 

Their genius is in giving us a story that is well formed, yet fluid enough to allow each customer to tailor it to their individual circumstances.  This is what is happening when a 20 something year old woman decides that when she meets The One, only a Tiffany diamond will do. And it is what is happening when a mother in Melbourne, at the height of a summer Christmas season writes a blog post about how to have a Christmas as glamorous as a Tiffany’s ad.


In the new year, I will be showing you how you can discover your brands DNA and craft a story as powerful as Tiffany & Co has done.  You can be the first to receive all the tools you need by entering your email address below.