Retail trends you need to know about

Retail trends you need to know about

If you are in the retail game, you’ll already be thinking about Christmas. 

No, this is not a joke.  Promise! 

In just a few short weeks, come October, Christmas decorations will start going up in shopping centres!

So, if you are a marketer like I am, you’ve already been hard at it thinking about marketing trends leading into Christmas and into 2018.

To get you off and running, I have put together my summary of the marketing trends I think will be big for the next 6 months.

I was lucky enough to attend Life Instyle a few weeks ago as their official blogger.  As always, it was really energising to see what Australian makers and designers have in store for us over the next 6 months and it is a great bell-weather for where retail will be heading over the next year.


2018:  the year of muted colours, hearkening to simplicity and considered spending on health and high end basics


Muted Colour Palettes

Marketing colour trends

The great news is that I saw a lot less grey at this Life Instyle than previously.  Could we finally be ready to bid adieu to this shade?  Well I am not over-exaggerating its demise just yet, but I think its days are numbered.

I’m seeing lots of muted colours.  Green is still big, but olive and sage are surpassing Pantone’s Greenery as we near the end of 2017.  Blush is still on the radar as are flax and stone.



Marketing trend- natural materials

Perhaps the trend that is most permeating every element of products and marketing is a shift to natural.  Textiles with loose weaves and items such as linen sheets and straw bags are really resonating with consumers.  And not just in fashion- food offerings continue to focus on ‘farm-to-table’, ingredient transparency and nutritious credentials.



Marketing trends packaging

Our obsession with nostalgia is slowly shifting.  We still want our food, skincare and homewares to hearken back to a seemingly simpler time but vintage-kitch is giving way to the pursuit of simplicity in a luxurious and pure form. 

For me, it was hard to go past Tasteology and Salt By Hendrix for the way they have developed and packaged their products.  Both use ingredients that feel close elemental.  They have taken these elemental ingredients and given them a luxurious (but not decadent) form.  And then they have packaged them in beautifully designed, minimal ways.

And that to me, about sums up what we should all be aiming to do.

Pure, elemental, well designed.