Snapchat’s new feature changes everything for businesses

Snapchat’s new feature changes everything for businesses

This is massive!  Snapchat is adding a feature that means it is finally on its way to being a good business tool.

In 2016 we all sort of knew that we probably wanted to be on Snapchat.  Or maybe we didn’t want to be on Snapchat but we knew that we probably should want to be. 

But it was hard.  Really hard. 

For starters, we had to find a millennial who was willing to teach us how to use the platform because it was not particularly intuitive.  And once we knew our way around, we were faced with a bigger problem. 

How do you get discovered by your customers and target audience on Snapchat?

Lucia Philip Marketing Snapchat for business


Those of you who are on Snapchat will know that there are really only three ways to find someone on the platform:

  1. Search for them by their exact username
  2. Scan their Snapcode (like a unique QR code for each user)
  3. Find them by linking your contact book to Snapchat

This has been a conundrum for marketers and businesses.  And there really hasn’t been any way around it.  I advised people to include their Snapchat user name on all other social profiles, in email signatures, business cards...  But it was far from ideal.

Until now. 

Lucia Philip Snapchat for Business Marketing

I am a beta tester for Snapchat in Australia and when I logged in a few days ago, I noticed a new feature that should be very exciting for businesses looking to grow their Snapchat following.


Snapchat's New Feature|'Our Story'

If you use Snapchat, you’ll be familiar with the 'My Story' feature.  For non Snapchat users, this feature is similar to Instagram’s Stories.

Snapchat has now added a feature called 'Our Story' that allows you to share your Snaps with non followers based on events or holidays in your region.

How to use Snapchat's new feature 'Our Story:'

  1. Take a photo or video and be sure to geotag it.
  2. Now click ‘Story,’ just as you would if your were uploading to ‘My Story.’
  3. You’ll now see an additional option called 'Our Story.'  Click on that and share.
  4. You can also click on both 'My Story' and 'Our Story' to share to both.
  5. Snapchat now has the option of adding your story to a curated video showcasing that event or occasion.

How to use The 'Our Story' feature for business:

Increase sales

This feature is a dream for anyone who has a business that works events or festivals.  

Use 'Our Story' to let everyone know that you are at the event and what you are selling.  Consider combining this approach with posting promotional incentives via the 'My Story' feature to drive people to your business.

Grow awareness

Use this to feature to get found! 

Think strategically about what holidays or events you might be able to leverage and plan to create content that has a high chance of being picked up by Snapchat to be included in the curated 'Our Story.'

Our Story hasn’t been rolled out Australia wide yet.  So now is a great time to create a Snapchat account if you haven’t already.  It can take a while to get used to the platform so if you start now, you'll be ready to go once the feature arrives.

And when you do start, you’ll need some Snapchat friends!  For more Snapchat tips and how-tos, may I humbly suggest me?  If you are on mobile, you can use this Snapchat link to follow me.  Otherwise you can take a photo of the code on the right and then go to 'add a friend' in Snapchat and then click on 'add by Snapcode.'  Or you could just search by username for luciapofficial.