This is the Best Time to Post to Instagram

This is the Best Time to Post to Instagram

It is that old chestnut: how to get more engagement and followers on Instagram. 

Turn to Google for advice and blog after blog will tell you to post at the optimal time.  But when is that exactly?

The best time to post on social media depends not just on whether you are posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Linked In, but also what industry your target market fall into.

 Here’s my summary of the best times to post to Instagram by industry.

Overall, you have a pretty good chance of getting great Instagram engagement at:

Wednesday, 9am

Best time to post to Instagram Lucia Philip

If you are a retailer, you'll get better engagement if you post on:

Tuesday at 1pm.

When to post to instagram grow follwers Lucia Philip


If you are a fashion designer or apparel brand or you are a wholesaler, try posting on:

Friday at 5pm.

Best time to post Instagram Lucia Philip Melbourne

Are you a maker or crafter?  You should post to Instagram on:

Sundays at 1pm.

Best time to post Instagram Lucia Philip Marketing

Love all things design?  Your optimal time to post to Instagram is:

Friday morning at 10am.

When to post to instagram to grow following

Are you a café or restaurant?  Post to Instagram on:

Wednesdays at 4pm.

When to post Instagram followers Lucia Philip

If you are a cosmetics or beauty brand:

Tuesdays at 11am are your sweet spot.

When post to Instagram Marketing Lucia Philip

Are you a marketer like me?  We should be posting on:

Wednesday, at 1pm.

Lucia Philip Marketing When Post to Instagram

Of course, if you are really serious about growing your Instagram following, you'll be posting more than once a week. 

There's scope to get creative here, especially if you are a lifestyle brand.  You might not be a cafe, but may still find that coffee posts are best received if you post them at the optimal time for cafes and restaurants.  And if you are a retailer you may choose to share posts aimed at your fashion suppliers at 5pm on a Friday.

One caveat, these times are EST.  All businesses on social media need to know their followers' demographics (turn on Instagram's business settings if you haven't already).  You'll need to play with the timing of your posts according to where your followers live.

If you'd like to see the full list of industries, you can find the original research at Track Maven

What do you think? Is a breakdown like this useful?  Let me know if you'd like me to do a blog post for Facebook or any other network!